Confused about Career? 

  • What after 10th-12th?
  • What is my Nature?
  • My Learning Style?
  • ADHD or LD?
  • Arts , Commerce or Science?
  • What is IQ, EQ, CQ AQ?
  • What is my Personality?
  • My Strengths and Weakness?
  • Slow Learner?
  • Any Other Course?

Want to Know all the answers Scientifically?

Dermatoglyphics is a Scientific study of Finger Patterns Invented by Dr.Harold Cummins

Multiple Intelligence is a Scientific study of Brain Lobes Invented by Dr.Howard Gardner

Procedure for DMIT

1. The first step is Scanning  the Finger Prints 

2. Study & Analyze the Finger Print Pattern which is unique to each individual & remains unchanged for entire life

3. Process the Data and Generation of Detailed DMIT Report

4. Personalized Counselling Session for Parent & Child

5. Understanding the neuron distribution in the Left/Right Brain 

6. Understand the Inborn Talent & Intelligence 

7.Implement the most appropriate Parenting Style based on Child’s Personality 

8. Identify the Career most suitable to the Child’s Nature, Intelligence & Style

9. Eliminate the Trial & Error method, avoid waste of Time & Money on other tests / evaluations / courses 

10. Stress Free Parenting & Child’s Career

Who should take up DMIT



Understand the Child’s Nature & How to Nurture the Child
Identify the Innate Talents the Child is Born with
Right Brain / Left Brain Orientation & its Impact
Child’s Brain Development & its Remedies
Plan Activities based on Child’s Abilities & Intelligence
Develop Confidence & Healthy Habits at Early Age
Effortless & Stress Free “Parent – Child Relationship


Students for Career

Understand the Student’s Preferred Learning Style
Know the distribution of IQ, CQ, AQ & EQ Scores
Identify the Strong & Weak Subjects and how to Study it
Save Time, Effort & Money from Wrong Courses & Classes
Choose Career based on the Student’s Core Competence
Career Planning Guidelines & Support


Individuals for Life & Profession

Understand Your Personality & its Traits
Explore your SWOT Analysis
Identify your IQ, EQ,CQ & AQ and its Effects in Life
Rekindle your Passion & Goal to achieve your Dream
Know your Leadership Style & its Effectiveness in your Life
Discover your Occupational Potential & Areas of Growth


Couples for Relationship

Enhance your Relationships with your Partner
Understand your Partner’s Traits, Values & Characteristic
Know why your Partner Behaves in a particular Way
Understand yours & your Partner’s Communication Pattern
Overcome Differences, Hurts & Misunderstanding
Influence Relationship & Comfort Level with your Partner