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What kind of Personality do you have?

How many times have you heard the word personality in the last month? Probably a dozen times, if not more. We say someone has a strong personality, or a likable personality, or that someone is dull, etc. We sometimes even say that someone doesn’t have a personality at all.

But what is personality?
Personality is a mosaic of characteristics whose continual interplay conditions the various ways in which we behave. Therefore, our personality encompasses all our qualities and all our faults, and it is because of personality that each human being on the face of the earth is unique.

COUPLES RESPONSIBILITY = RESPONSE + ABILITY (Examples of Situation & Response)

You aren’t responsible for everything that happens to you, but you need take the  responsibility for your Thinking, your Behavioral Patterns,  your Words and Your Actions these outcomes create. 

Blaming the past for a limiting mindset today doesn’t fix it. Negatively blaming someone else, or some other past circumstance, will change nothing. Positively taking full responsibility for your situation and your path forward can change everything.

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