What is Counselling ?

Counselling is a Talk Therapy that helps people, to Clear their Perception and Make a Shift to See the Best in themselves. Counselling does not involve taking medicine. 

When you have Tooth Pain you go to a Dentist.

When you have Upset Stomach, Back Pain or other Physical Illness you go to a Medical Doctor.

Unfortunately when you have a Behavioural or Emotional Issue you do not know where to go? 

Many a times People shy out and keep ignoring such issues. This where you need to go to a Counsellor for Counselling..! 

“Going to a Counsellor when you are Feeling Low, Down or Depress, Anxious or Stressed should be as normal as going to a Doctor when you have Common Cold or Flu.”

— Shabbar Suterwala —

When should you go to a Counsellor? or

When should you book an appointment for a Counselling Session?

  • When you feel Suffocated in your Emotions.
  • When you feel Lost to Express yourself Openly.
  • When you Pretend to be Happy to maintain Social Image.
  • When you feel Hesitant to have a Heart to Heart conversation.
  • When you are afraid to talk to your family member or friend life partner for the Fear of being Judged or Rejected.
  • When you feel it’s a Weakness to Express your Emotions.
  • When you feel you are  Bottling  up your Feelings.
  • When you feel your friends will make Fun of you if you cry or get Emotional.
  • When you long for the Likes on your Online Status & Social Media.
  • When you feel you have Regrets in Life.
  • When you feel Guilty about a situation or event in the Past.
  • When you Overthink and are Worried about the Future.
  • When you feel Hurt, Manipulated, Exploited or Used.
  • When you feel you are Taken for Granted.
  • When you feel you Frustrated, Depressed, Anxious & Overwhelmed.

Who can take up Counselling?

 For Individuals 
  • Personal, Educational, Work, Life
  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Happiness
  • Stress, Depression, Confusion
  • Decision Making
  • Guilt & Worry

For Relationship & Marriage

  • Dating / Break-ups
  • Partner Compatibility
  • Just before Marriage
  • Just after Marriage
  • Husband & Wife Relationships Issues 
  • Relationships with In-Laws
  • Divorce

For Parent & Child

  • Parenting for Infants, Pre-Schoolers, Early Childhood
  • Parenting for School Going
  • Parenting for Adolescents, Teenager & Adults 
  • Teenager Challenges and Problems 
  • Behavioural issues – Tantrums, Stubborn, Crying, Academic not Performing
  • Attitudinal Issues

For Students 

  • Educational Counselling
  • Personal Counselling
  • Career Counselling
  • DMIT
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Goal Setting

For Businessmen, Professionals & Working People

  • Corporate Politics
  • Boss & Subordinate
  • From Job to Business
  • Business Success and Business Growth
  • Employees behaviour & Attitude 

Counselling Reviews & Feedback