SMART Goals to Achieve Growth

Have you ever dreamt of conquering a peak in your career? Maybe you yearn to finally master a new soft skill. Perhaps a personal ambition burns brightly, urging you to achieve something significant. Regardless of your aspirations, the key to transforming those dreams into reality lies in the powerful practice of smart goal setting.

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11 Important Soft Skills for Success

Soft skills are essentially people skills - the non-technical, intangible, personality-specific skills that determine your strengths as a leader, listener, negotiator, and conflict mediator. "Hard" skills, on the other hand, are more along the lines of what might appear on your resume -- your education, experience and level of expertise.

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There is one set of couple in marriage getting angry, frustrated, sad, depressed and sorry for each other and the other set of couple very Compassionate, Playful and Happy. What is the difference? The most important need in a Happy Marriage is the need for Passionate Conversation and when this need is not fulfilled by either of the partners, challenges and conflicts in Marriage begin.