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Top 20 Business Strategies for your Business Growth

A Book for Small & Medium Size Businesses and Business Owners who would like to quickly read, learn and apply business strategy into their business, without going through the hassel of lengthy and theorotical material.
You can read all the 20 Strategies at one go or can pick up one strategy at a time, read it, understand it and apply it in your business and get the results and then move to another strategy. 

A to Z of Parenting: A Short & Simple Guide to Positive Parenting

Children start their learning with the A, B & C and go up to Z. The traditional A for Apple, B for Ball vocabulary is replaced in this book with Positive Phrases that the Parent can use with the Child along with the tips for each alphabets from A to Z. A positive set of words and a vocabulary of 26 alphabets i.e. 26 Positive Words which can be inculcated as Habits and Behaviour in the Child Development.

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