Online Seminars by Shabbar Suterwala

Personality Development Seminars 

The POWER of your Sub-Conscious Mind

Anger Management 

Bust The Stress | How to be Happy

How to Develop Self Confidence

I, ME & MYSELF |Who Am I | Identify & Know about your Personality

Shift From DEPRESSION to MOTIVATION | Cope with Depression

Discover the Power of Positive Affirmation | Mind Control

Life Changing Stories

 For Happy Family

Effective Communication Secrets Of Happy Family

Know Your Parenting Style

The Negative & Positive C’s in Marriage in Lisan ud dawat

Speaking the Love Language Enhance the Communication between Husband & Wife

Proactive Positive Parenting – Children See & Children Do

Live Questions & Answer Session on Parenting Tips

The Negative & Positive C’s in Marriage in English

For Students

Smart Habits of Smart Students

Beyond Academics

For Blue Print For Business Success

Time Management | Topic Urgent v/s Important

Himmat ni Kimmat

What is LUCK & How to be LUCKY ?

For Senior Citizens 

Life Begins at 60