Combo Offer – Diamond Pack + Platinum Pack

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Unleash the power of comprehensive training with our exclusive Combo Offer – the perfect blend of our Diamond Pack and Platinum Pack! Elevate your training sessions to unparalleled heights with a combined total of 50 Readymade Soft Skills Training Materials Pack, carefully curated to empower both trainers and participants.

Equip yourself with engaging exercises, interactive presentations, and insightful guides covering a wide spectrum of soft skills, including effective communication, leadership, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to access a wealth of resources that will transform your training sessions. Invest in the Diamond Pack + Platinum Combo Offer and take your training to new heights, leaving a lasting impact on participants’ personal and professional growth.

Developed by Shabbar Suterwala With 25+ years of Experience as Corporate Soft-Skills Trainer, have Designed, Developed & Conducted numerous Soft Skills Training Programs, Workshops & Seminars for various Corporate Organizations & Institutions, Colleges and Private Institutions in India, USA, UAE, Kuwait, France, Tanzania, Nairobi, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar & Mauritius.

For all aspiring Trainers, HR Managers, Teachers and People who are looking out for Ready made Soft Skills Training Resources, I have put together these Soft Skills Training Packs which can be directly used in your training programs.

Note: Each Pack will be A Zipped File which needs to be unzipped before using.

List of Soft Skills Training Material in Combo Offer:-

Diamond Pack:-
1 Business
2 Communication
3 Emotional-Intelligence
4 Etiquette
5 Life-Skills
6 Marriage
7 Mental-Health
8 Mind-Control
9 Parenting
10 Personality-Development
11 Student-Teacher
12 Time-Management

Platinum Pack:-

1 Attitude Pack
2 Assertiveness Skills Pack
3 Business Pack
4 Business Etiquette Pack
5 Change Management Pack
6 Coaching & Mentoring Pack
7 Conflicts Management Pack
8 Creativity & Problem Solving Pack
9 Communication Skills Pack
10 Listening Skills Pack
11 Body Language Pack
12 Writing Skills Pack
13 Customer Service Pack
14 Goal Setting Pack
15 Interpersonal Skills Pack
16 Interview Pack
17 Leadership Advance Pack
18 Leadership Basic Pack
19 Inspirational for Life Pack
20 Mind Control Pack
21 Managerial Skills Pack
22 Motivational Quotes Pack
23 Negotiation Skills Pack
24 NLP Pack
25 Personality Development Pack
26 Planning and Organizing Pack
27 Parenting Pack
28 Presentation Skills Pack
29 Self Confidence Pack
30 Selling Skills Pack
31 Stress Management Pack
32 Students Study Pack
33 Success and Motivation Pack
34 Time Management Pack
35 Train the Trainer Pack
36 Games for Trainers Pack
37 Stories that Coach Pack
38 Teamwork Pack


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