38 Soft Skills Packs – Platinum Pack

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38 Readymade Soft Skills Training Materials Packs. 287 Items (PPT, PDF, Exercises,Role Play, Activities)

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Readymade Soft Skills Training Material Packs

  • Stop Spending your Precious Time & Effort on Designing & Developing your Soft Skills Training Material.
  • Designed & Developed for Actual Training Programs Participants.
  • Directly use this Content in your Training Programs immediately.
  • You can Edit and Customize all the Content as per your needs.

Developed by Shabbar Suterwala With 25+ years of Experience as Corporate Soft-Skills Trainer, have Designed, Developed & Conducted numerous Soft Skills Training Programs, Workshops & Seminars for various Corporate Organizations & Institutions, Colleges and Private Institutions in India, USA, UAE, Kuwait, France, Tanzania, Nairobi, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar & Mauritius.

For all aspiring Trainers, HR Managers, Teachers and People who are looking out for Ready made Soft Skills Training Resources, I have put together these Soft Skills Training Packs which can be directly used in your training programs.

Platinum Pack Contains all the 38 Soft Skills Pack.

Note: Each Pack will be A Zipped File which needs to be unzipped before using.

List of 38 Readymade Soft Skills Training Material Packs

Pack 1 – Attitude Pack
A1 How to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
A2 Positive Attitude at Work
A3 Attitude a Matter of Choice
A4 Being Proactive
A5 Positive Mental Attitude – Pre & Post Evaluation
A6 Developing Positive Attitude – Tips & Suggestions
A7 Pinch of Positive Reinforcement
A8 Attitude is Everything
A9 Building Positive Attitude using Affirmations
A10 The Maths Challenge
A11 What Matters is your Attitude

Pack 2- Assertiveness Skills Pack
AS1 Assertiveness Skills
AS2 Don’t say YES when you want to say NO
AS3 Assertiveness Questionnaire
AS4 Assertiveness Which is Which Quiz
AS5 Assertiveness Skills Role Play
AS6 Giving and Receiving Criticism
AS7 20 Ways to say NO without feeling Guilty

Pack 3- Business Pack
B1 Entrepreneurship
B2 How to Move From Job to Business
B3 Improving and Developing Your Business
B4 Small things that Make a Big Difference in Business
B5 How to Succeed in MLM Business
B6 The Financial Freedom Rich vs. Poor
B7 Business Skills Checklist & Questionnaire

Pack 4- Business Etiquette Pack
BE1 Corporate Grooming and Table Manners
BE2 Professional Business and Corporate Office Etiquette
BE3 All about the Handshake
BE4 Business General & Table Manners
BE5 Test your Business Etiquette

Pack 5- Change Management Pack
CG1 Change is the only way forward
CG2 Change your Miindset.ppt
CG3 Changing & Learning New Habits
CG4 Change Orientation
CG5 The Square Resource. A Change Management Activity
CG6-Five Ice-Breakers for Change Management Training

Pack 6- Coaching & Mentoring Pack
CH1 Coaching Skills
CH2 Difference between Coaching & Mentoring
CH3 Coaching Skills Self Assessment
CH4 Coaching Worksheet GROW Model
CH5 Your Dominant Mentoring Style Self Assessment
CH6 Coaching Case Study Moving towards Effectiveness
CH7 What and How of Mentoring

Pack 7- Conflicts Management Pack
CM1 Conflict Management Basics
CM2 Conflict Resolution at Workplace
CM3 Four Steps to Conflict Resolution for Managers
CM4 How to Solve an Argument
CM5 Conflict Resolution Questionnaire & Style Exercise
CM6 The Cases of Misunderstanding & Conflicts

Pack 8- Creativity & Problem Solving Pack
CR1 Creativity & Problem Solving
CR2 Ten Practical Tips to Solving Problems

Pack 9- Communication Skills Pack
CS1 Basic Communication Skills.ppt
CS2 Excellence in Communication Skills
CS3 Essentials-of-Business-Communication Skills
CS4 The 7 C’s of Communication Speaking & Expressing
CS5 Communication Styles
CS6-Humour in Communication
CS7 Telephone Skills & Etiquette
CS8 Questioning Skills in Communication
CS9 Twenty Exercises and Activities for Communication Skills
CS10 Speaking Effectively
CS11 How Good is your Communication
CS12 Articulation Exercise
CS13 Profile of Communicator Exercise
CS14 Executive Assistant Sandra and Job Instructions
CS15 Articulation of Shylesh – The GET
CS16 Late Latif & Punctual Pratik Mgr. & Subordinate Communication
CS17 Telephone Skills & Etiquette
CS18 Business Communication -Big Boss & Manager
CS19 Project Leader & Team Member Communication

Pack 10- Listening Skills Pack
CSL1 LISTENING the most neglected in Communication
CSL2 Flaws in Listening
CSL3 Talk Less Listen More
CSL4 Hard Work & Smart Work a Listening Challenge
CSL5 How Good a Listener are you?

Pack 11- Body Language Pack
CSN1 Body Language the Non Verbal Power
CSN2 Practical Observations in Non Verbal Communication
CSN3 Body Language Essentials
CSN4 Clusters of Body Language
CSN5 Body Language Speaks for itself Exercise
CSN6-Can you Guess the Gestures

Pack 12- Writing Skills Pack
CSW1 Business Writing Skills
CSW2 Business Writing eMail Etiquette
CSW3 Report Writing.ppt
CSW4 Precise Writing.ppt
CSW5 Writing Effectively 1 12 2014
CSW6 Common Grammatical Errors Corrected

Pack 13- Customer Service Pack
CUS1 Excellence in Customer Service
CUS2 Customer Relationship Management.ppt
CUS3 Customer Orientation
CUS4 How Customer Friendly You Are Questionnaire
CUS5 Customer Service Cases
CUS6 Responding to Internal Customers Cases

Pack 14- Goal Setting Pack
GS1 SMART Goal Setting
GS2 Target Orientation
GS3 Steps to Goal Setting
GS4 Blueprint for Success Goal Sheet & Action Plan Exercise
GS5 Goal Setting Questionnaire

Pack 15- Interpersonal Skills Pack
IP1 Interpersonal Skills
IP2 Barriers to Interpersonal Communication
IP3 Communication with an Angry Person
IP4 Emotional Intelligence Core Competency Framework
IP5 Golden Principles of Human Relationship
IP6 Understanding Yourself and Others MBTI
IP7 Interpersonal Behaviour Style
IP8 Emotional Quotient Test your EQ Level
IP9 Emotional Quotient Feelings DEEP DOWN Exercise
IP10 Case Study on Interpersonal Effectiveness
IP11 How to Win Friends & Influence People

Pack 16- Interview Pack
IT1 Excellence in Interviews 9 11 2014.ppt
IT2 The Art and Science of an Interview
IT3-FAQ in Interviews & Behavioural Interviews
IT4-Preparing a CV – Resume
IT5 Strategies for GD.ppt
IT6 From Campus to Corporate
IT7 Introduction to Soft Skills

Pack 17- Leadership Advance Pack
LA1 Leading, Inspiring & Mentoring for Higher Performance
LA2 Excellence in Leadership with Cases & Examples
LA3 Attributes for Excellence in Leadership
LA4 Power & Leadership
LA5 Situational Leadership Skills
LA6 From Caterpillars to Butterflies – Training Activity
LA7 LEAD Leader Effectiveness Self Analysis
LA8 Situational Leadership Cases
LA9 Case Study of Dadabhai’s Leadership
LA10 The 7 Habits

Pack 18- Leadership Basic Pack
LB1 Various Leadership Styles, Skills & Traits
LB2 Driving towards Leadership.ppt
LB3 Traits of a Leader by APJ Abdul Kalam
LB4 Obama and Winning Lessons of Leadership
LB5 A TO Z Traits of a Leader
LB6 Leadership thoughts by the Leaders
LB7 Unleash the Leader in you
LB8 Basic Models of Leadership
LB9 Leadership Style Self Assessment
LB10 Leadership Style Survey
LB11 Leading vs. Managing
LB12 Transactional vs. Transformational Style

Pack 19- Inspirational for Life Pack
LF2 Essentials of Life
LF3 Don’ts and Do’s of Life
LF4 The Death Bed and The Dream
LF5 Attitude of Gratitude

Pack 20- Mind Control Pack
MC1 Mind Power The Subconscious Mind
MC2 Money Visualization See & Listen
MC3 Empowering Affirmations for Time Management
MC4 Think Feel Be Healthy
MC5 The Limiting Belief System
MC6 Affirmation for Health
MC7 Mental House Cleaning Exercise
MC8 Mindset Exercises

Pack 21- Managerial Skills Pack
MGR1 Effective Managerial Skills
MGR2 What & How of Managerial Skills
MGR3 Managerial Matrix Survey
MGR4 Managerial Skill – Making Things Happen Exercise
MGR5 Rajesh the Rowdy Manager – Case Study
MGR6 The Casual Attitude Case for Managers Challenge
MGR7 The Fish Philosophy
MGR8 Conducting Effective Meetings -Detailed
MGR9 Conducting Effective Meetings in 9 Steps
MGR10 Supervisory Development-Skills

Pack 22- Motivational Quotes Pack
MQ1 Quotes from Famous Personalities to Remember.ppt
MQ2 Time Managementor Screensaver Quotes
MQ3 Quotes on Time Management.ppt
MQ4 Quotes on Employee Motivation
MQ5 Business Leaders Quote Unquote.ppt
MQ6 Quotable Quotes
MQ7 Quotes on Customer Service

Pack 23- Negotiation Skills Pack
NG1 Negotiation Skills
NG2 Types of Negotiation Strategies I
NG3 Types of Negotiation Strategies II
NG4 Negotiation Skills Style Profile Instrument
NG5 Role Play Buying & Selling a Car

Pack 24- NLP Pack
NLP1 Comprehensive Introduction to NLP
NLP2 Anchoring
NLP3 Deletion Distortion & Generalization Exercise
NLP4 VAK Learning Styles Self Assessment Questionnaire
NLP5 NLP Vocabulary List

Pack 25- Personality Development Pack
PD1 Personality Development
PD2 Personality Development Advance
PD3 Personality Test You and Others
PD4 Personality Development House Cleaning
PD5 Personality Test Cognitive Style Inventory
PD6 Personal Effectiveness
PD7 Personal Effectiveness Instrument
PD8 Personal Effectiveness Questionnaire
PD9 Transaction Analysis – Understanding Personality Tool
PD10 The Johari Window – Personality Diagnosis
PD11 The Johari Window Presentation
PD12 Exploring the Blind & Hidden Areas of Johari Window
PD13 Personality Secrets of Successful People
PD14 Soft Skills Training

Pack 26- Planning and Organizing Pack
PO1 Planning & Organizing Skills
PO2 The 5S Process

Pack 27- Parenting Pack
PP1 Parenting Skills – Parents Communication with Teenagers
PP2 Teenagers Communication with Parents.ppt
PP3 Tips for Positive Parenting

Pack 28- Presentation Skills Pack
PS1 Business Presentation Skills
PS2 Overcoming Shyness & Speaking with Confidence
PS3 Creating a Powerful Elevator Speech
PS4 Quick Tips for Making a Public Presentation
PS5 Presentation Planning Exercise
PS6 Presentation Skills Questionnaire
PS7 Public Speaking eBook

Pack 29- Self Confidence Pack
SC1 How to Develop Self Confidence
SC2 How to Develop your Self Esteem
SC3 Self Esteem Talking to your Feelings
SC4 Self Image Guide & Evaluation
SC5 Self Image Questionnaire
SC6 Doing your SWOT Analysis
SC7 SWOT Analysis Presentation

Pack 30- Selling Skills Pack
SL1 Selling Skills The Complete Sales Process
SL2 Sales Motivational Training Program
SL3 Top Motivational Recharge for Sales Force
SL4 Sales Motivation Session
SL5 Selling Skills Development Exercises

Pack 31- Stress Management Pack
SM1 Bust the Stress
SM2 Work Life Balance
SM3 Time Management for Stress Management
SM4 Excelling Performance even under Pressure
SM5 Anger Management
SM6 Ten Ways to Feel Miserable
SM7 Pre Training Test Symptoms of Stress
SM8 Are you Stressed Out Exercise
SM9 Draining Anger Management Activity
SM10 Stressed Kaamlal Stress Management Case Study
SM11 Worksheet Dealing with Anger

Pack 32- Students Study Pack
ST1 The 7 Habits of Smart Students
ST2 Time Management for Students
ST3 Multiple Intelligence for Students and Teachers
ST4 How to Deal with Exam Stress-Tips for Students & Parents
ST5 Improving Concentration – Guidelines
ST6 Tips on How to Remember
ST7 Study Skills Checklist
ST8 Career Guidance Motivation for Students

Pack 33- Success and Motivation Pack
SU1 Rebirth of an Eagle.ppt
SU2 The Winning formula
SU3 Yes I Can Yes I Will
SU4 Motivational Ideas to Motivate your People
SU5 Fifteen Power Tips to Self Motivation
SU6 New Little Things in Life
SU7 Meaning of Failure
SU8 What Great People think about Failure.ppt
SU9 Take Risk
SU10 Risk Is it in you
SU11 Inspirational story of the Butterfly

Pack 34- Time Management Pack
TM1 Effective Time Management.ppt
TM2 Time Management Strategies
TM3 Top Time Wasters in Prof.Life & How to overcome
TM4 Procrastination A Disease of Time Mgt.ppt
TM5 Myths of Time Management
TM6 Pre & Post Training Time Management Questionnaire
TM7 Post Training Evaluation of participant by Manager
TM8 Time Management Auditing Exercise
TM9 Profile of Time Wasters
TM10 Who is Controlling your Time Management Exercise
TM11 How you Spend your Time & Skills Set Time Management Exercise
TM12 Check your Time Management Exercise
TM13 Urgent vs. Important Time Management Exercise
TM14 The Urgency Index Time Management Exercise
TM15 What is your Working Style Time Management Exercise
TM16 Time Log & 4 Quadrants Worksheet
TM17 The Frustrated Supervisor Time Management Case Study
TM18 Time Management Cases
TM19 Important and Urgent Time Management Activity

Pack 35- Train the Trainer Pack
TTT1 Train the Trainer
TTT2 How to Analyze Plan Design and Develop an Effective Training Program
TTT3 35-Commandments-Qualities & Traits Essential for a Trainer
TTT4 The Effective Teacher from Good to Great
TTT5 Train the Trainer – Trainers Assessment

Pack 36- Games for Trainers Pack
TTTG1 Tips for Trainer to conduct Training Games and Activities
TTTG2 100 Energizing Ice Breakers for all occasions.pdf
TTTG3 Five Training Activities for Team Work.pdf
TTTG4 Five Training Activities for Communication SkillS.pdf

Pack 37- Stories that Coach Pack
TTTS1 Stories for Trainers Learning from Wisdom Stories.pdf
TTTS2 Stories for Trainers Learning from Animals.pdf
TTTS3 Fifty Motivational & Inspirational Stories that Coach
TTTS4 Short Stories with Wisdom

Pack 38- Teamwork Pack
TW1 Synergy Creates Energy Working Together as a Team
TW2 Building Stronger & Successful Teams
TW3 Building Team Trust & Team Performance
TW4 Unleashing Synergy through Team Working
TW5 Inspirational Team Work Posters
TW6 Ten Commandments for Collaborative Team Work
TW7 Team Stage Evolution Forming Norming Storming Performing
TW8 Teamwork Case Studies
TW9 Johari Window Blind Spots Teamwork Activity


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