Let’s Run Through

A 6 years Daughter went for shopping with her Mother in the Shopping Mall. Suddenly, it started raining and  they had to wait inside the mall.

As it was raining heavily, they patiently waited there. There were others who got irritated and upset because nature messed up their bright sunny day.

A few moments later, the little girl in a very sweet said,  “Mother let’s run through the rain”

“What?” Mother asked.

“Let’s run through the rain!” She said excitedly.

“No, dear, let us wait till the rain stops” Mother replied.

The little girl looked around for a few minutes and repeated, “’Mother, let’s run through the rain”

“We will get drenched in the rain” the mother said.

The little girl gently holding her Mother’s hand and pulling her out, said “No Mother, we won’t. Remember, what you said today morning?”

Mother confused, “Today morning? When and What did I say?

“Mother you don’t you remember? You were talking to Dad about his illness and you said, ‘If Allah can get us through this, he can get us through anything!”

The mother reflected back for a moment and gave a thought. At this time some parent would ignore or reject or ridicule or laugh or scold the child for being so stupid to “run through the rain”.

The mother realised that this was the time for affirmation in a young child’s life. This is the time to make the right impression in the child’s mind so that trust can be fuelled and nurtured, that will develop into faith in the long run.

Now the mother smiled and said to her daughter “Yes dear, you are absolutely right. Let’s run through the rain. If its Allah’s wish that we get wet, so be it. And well maybe we just need a little washing too.”

Holding each other’s hand, the mother and daughter ran into the streets, drenching in the rain, getting wet, smiling and laughing as they passed through the puddles of water on the street. They got soaked in the rain and say that a few others who had grumbled earlier followed them in through the rain.

Yes, “they ran through…”

At times there are Situation where your material possession are lost or circumstances where you feel you have no control, or toxic people in life who hurt you. But remember that no one can ever take away your precious memories… your happiness!

So, don’t forget to make time and take the opportunities to make memories and celebrate everyday.

Take the time to live  and cherish every moment with your family, your loved ones.

Let’s Run through the Rain and be ready to Learn from our Children. Also, understand that Children are Continuously Listening and Observing us.. so if we want them to change, first we need to change.

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  1. Cutie

    Yes very well said. But i hve one question. If this mother daughter duo has done shopping n they hve 1,2/3 shopping bags full then how is it possible to run through the rain n get all
    their shopping bags n the things wet

  2. Anonymous

    Very nicely explained… indeed a very good example..
    Actions speak louder than words hence proved..

  3. Alefiya udepurwala

    Ap ni har ek vat uncle samajava jevi hoy che kash har koi sochi saktu apna jem shukran uncle

  4. Shabbir

    बहुत अच्छा

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