10 Gems of Connecting with your Children

Affectionate Parents

Tips by Shabbar Suterwala from Proactive Positive Parenting Group

In order to discipline the children and teach them good behaviour, Parents often ignorantly Control their Children. Many a times when expectations do not match then they get frustrated and react in anger. In such cases the Connection with the Child is lost and more over many barriers are built in the communication and relationship.  Children keep on seeking attention, affection and connection and parents keep on nagging, complaining and comparing using reactive communication.

To help parents deal with this, I wish to share the 10 Gems of Connecting with your Children.

  1. Be Present, be there with them, the Physical Proximity which demonstrates that you care for and you are with them. (giving your time,  play with them, read with them, eat with them etc)
  2. Validate their Feelings. Understand that at times they can feel Sad, Bad or Mad or Angry too.
  3. Accept and Love them as they are, not what they can be or should be.
  4. Listen attentively, uninterruptedly and without judgement.
  5. Acknowledge & Trust their thoughts and ideas. Allow and Approve of their actions which helps them to explore,  be creative, take risks and address their fears.
  6. Appreciate and Give Positive Reinforcement to their efforts verbally and non-verbally (A hug, a kiss, a pat)
  7. Say Thank You & I Love You irrespective or their tantrum or behaviour. Separate the Child and their Behaviour, Love Unconditionally.
  8. Respect them and Say I am Sorry as and when required. It shows that it’s ok to make mistakes and learn from it.
  9. Do not Compare them with others. Treat them as Unique, Different and Blessed.
  10. As parents you need to have a happy love story to have a happy child.

These are not just words of wisdom, but very Powerful Strategies that both the parents need to learn, practice and make it into a habit and thus build a strong bond and Connect with the children with love and affection and build a happy family, happy child and Spread the Smiles.

Be a Proactive Positive Parent ūüėäūüĎć

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